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    Unhappy EM-1 Rear Dial Working Intermittently?

    I've got a refurbished EM-1 that I purchased from Olympus back in Feb. It's been having issues with the rear dial. When changing settings (aperture, shutter speed, etc) it intermittently responds. A slower turn is more likely to work than a faster one.

    After shooting a ton on a recent trip, the issue appears to be getting worse. Called Olympus, sounds like it could be a bad button. Will likely end up sending the camera in for repair.

    Wondering how prevalent this issue has been? Googling the issue turns up lots of others with similar problems.

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    It's unfortunately a "known" issue with the E-M1 - I put "known" in quotes because I don't believe Olympus has officially acknowledged it (even though, as you point out, you can find a number of incidences on almost every camera forum on the web). The good news is that Olympus should cover it for free, and I haven't seen anyone have the problem twice.

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    Your refurb warranty may be expired, but you should call Oly and see if they'll look at it. I just had my E-PM2 serviced for a hypersensitive rear dial, the opposite problem of yours, and it seems fine now. Since those rear dials seem to suffer from common defects, Oly may cut you some slack on the warranty date.

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    it is such a common problem, I learned to live with it
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    My E-M1 is currently with Olympus for repair of this same issue. I wouldn't put up with the problem on a camera costing half as much.
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    I had this issue. I was in Japan recently and took it into the Olympus store. They fixed it that day for free, and it works fine now.


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