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    Default Analysis of Panasonic G5 RAW Files from Focus Numerique

    French site Focus Numérique published their studio tests of the Panasonic G5 complete with RAW files for download. They have previously granted permission for us to publish processed crops of their files with analysis, and I set out to determine how the new 16MP sensor in the G5 compares with that of the Panasonic GX1 (most recent 16MP sensor from Panasonic) and Olympus OM-D E-M5 (reportedly uses a Sony sensor).

    I processed all RAW files using Raw Therapee. Although RAW Therapee will open G5 files, the black point is way off, so I followed these directions to get better support for the files for the sake of comparison.

    Here are some 100% crops of the three cameras at their respective base ISO settings - ISO 200 for OM-D E-M5 (left), and ISO 160 for the G5 (middle) and GX1 (right):

    Same comparisons with all three cameras at ISO 6400:

    These aren't perfectly matched for brightness, tone curve, or color, so it's difficult to draw conclusions about small differences. Maybe a different challenge such as pushing underexposed shadows at base ISO would reveal an advantage for one sensor vs another, but my takeaway from scrutinizing these files was that for practical purposes, there is no difference between these three sensors.
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    They're very, very close indeed. I'd say, though, that I prefer the noise pattern/structure of the E-M5 over the others...though that might simply be a result of the brightness, tone curve, and colour differences...

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    Thanks for posting this.

    If this were DPR, there'd be a maxed out thread about incorrect analysis already.
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    They all look good to me!
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    with all of them being this close....I'd say the winner is the most inexpensive body...which is the GX-1!! :D

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    Amazingly similar results! Thanks for the comparison. For a substantially higher price the E-M5 offers the advantage of in-body-stabilisation - something I truly miss with my G3 and my primes.

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    Thanks for those. I agree...the differences are so slight that normal-world real-life variations in perfect focus and optimal exposure would probably cancel out any actual test bench differences.
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    So basically, this just confirms to me that the latest top end m43 bodies are pretty much at parity IQ wise. At least, for me. I'm very curious what the GH3 will bring. If it does not improve much, I'll be disappointed. Mostly for the fact that it won't put enough pressure on oly/sony for something better.

    Now if oly and panny would just end the life of that 12MP sensor....

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    Wonder what the GH3 will bring out if it the G5 is the middle tier camera. If the middle tier G5 is equal (maybe slightly better on acutance on the G5 at base iso from this sample) compared to the top end oly. Oly may have to drop the price sooner than expected.

    There's no reason to get rid of the 12mp, it's good to be able to bring in a fresh audience with cheaper models to proliferate the system.

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    Amin, thanks for posting this. Does this mean that G5 and OM-D is very close in high ISO performance? Say around 1600-3200. If so, then the G5 might be my ticket to upgrade my trusty GH1...

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