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    Default need help...trouble using NISSIN Di622 external flash on GF1

    Dear All,

    I tried using Nissin Speed Lite Flash Di622 on my GF1 but i found these two problems:
    1- the hotshoe was too tight --> i eventually forced it in
    2- when i used the camera, the flash did not operate

    Does anybody knows why was it happen?
    Maybe the flash model i used was not compatible with the GF1?
    Do i need to set up the camera before using external flash?

    Thanx so much for the assistance! :)

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    According to the website:

    Nissin Digital Flash: Di466 for Four Thirds Introduction

    I don't believe the Di622 is compatible with m4/3.

    You need the Di466 for FT model.
    Richard W

  3. The following member thanks Richard W for this post:


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    Dear Richard,

    thanx for your valuable informantion! :)


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