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Thread: FAQ

  1. Default FAQ

    If you have a question which is not addressed in this FAQ, please ask it in the Help and Feedback forum

    If you private message (PM) a moderator/admin with questions, we will refer you back to this thread or ask you to post your question in the Help and Feedback forum. If you are unable to post in that forum, please re-read this FAQ and linked material below, which address every possible situation that we are aware of that can result in a problem with registration or posting.

    Our frequently asked questions are answered in the following resources:

    Some miscellaneous FAQs:

    How do I send a PM, email, post a visitor message, or leave "Thanks"?
    • Private messaging and emailing are limited to members with at least 1 forum post*. This is an antispam measure. Do not make a forum post stating "I am making this post so I can send a PM" or equivalent nonsense message.
    • Use of the "Thanks" button is limited to members with at least 3 forum posts*. Once you have 3 or more posts, you will see the "Thanks" button under each forum post.
    • Only members with at least 10 forum posts* can post visitor messages on a profile (another anti-spam measure, no exceptions).
    *Posts made in the Buy and Sell forum do not count towards these post count requirements.

    Why is my post count zero when I've posted lots of times?

    Posts made in the Buy and Sell forum do not count towards your post count.

    I uploaded a profile picture. Why isn't it showing in the forums?

    The little picture shown next to posts in the forums is not a profile picture. It's called an "avatar", and you can upload one using this link:

    Note: You need a minimum of 100 forum posts (Buy and Sell posts don't count) to have an avatar. Post counts are not tallied immediately, so it may take a day or so after reaching 100 posts before your can use an avatar.

    How do I start a discussion thread?

    To start a thread, you have to be a registered member. After registering, pick a relevant forum for your thread from our forum index, and then click on to start the thread. For more information, see "General Forum Usage" above.

    I registered. Why can't I post a new thread or reply?

    Most of the time we get this question, it is because someone has registered but not responded to the activation email. If you did not receive an activation email, check your email spam folder to see if it is there. If it has been less than 15 minutes since you registered, please wait for the email in case it simply didn't arrive yet. For more information, see here:

    Regular users cannot post new threads in the following two forums:
    • Front Page News and Rumors
    • Featured Posts from Our Forums

    Only staff can create new threads in or move threads to these forums, but all registered users can reply to existing threads.

    Why can't I delete my own thread?

    Please see here.

    I forgot my username/password

    Please see here.

    How do I cancel my account?

    Please see here.

  2. Default

    Privacy Statement for

    We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for

    We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website - which includes hacks/spamming/abusing posts in which case you may be held liable.

    This site contains links to other sites. is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

    Advertisers displaying banner ads on this site may be placing and reading cookies on users' browsers, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on this site. You may choose to not accept these cookies by adjusting settings in your web browser.

    We offer registration to our site in which we ask visitors for contact information. The customer's contact information is used to contact the visitor for opt-in notifications. We allow you to prevent your true email address from being revealed online at our website. At any time after registration you can edit your member profile to remove or change your email address on file. User information will not be distributed or sold in any other fashion. The only exception to this is when under request of law enforcement agencies.

    Contacting the Web Site
    If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, you can contact:

    Amin Sabet
    Email: Send Email

    Adapted from the Privacy Statement

  3. Default

    How do I cancel my account?

    There is normally no need to cancel a account. If you expect not to need to post at, you can simply stop visiting our site. There is nothing you need us to do. Under our Privacy Policy, we won't email you unless you have chosen to receive administrator emails and/or chosen to receive email notifications for subscribed threads, and you can change these options at any time (see below). We won't release or sell your contact information unless required to do so by law enforcement agencies. Inactive accounts are of little consequence. The advantage is that if you change your mind, perhaps because you have an Micro 4/3-related question, you can return to, log in, and post.

    For additional privacy, you are welcome to remove the information in your User Profile (Email address, Instant Messaging names, Location, etc.).

    If you have subscribed to any forums or threads, have asked for email notifications, and are no longer interested in receiving those messages, delete the subscriptions on your List Subscriptions page.

    If there are exceptional circumstances, such as an employment contract, that require that your account be canceled to prevent you from logging in, use the Contact Form to let us know. We'll probably direct you to this FAQ section unless you tell us you've already read it!

    Canceling an account does not remove previously made posts from the forums, nor quotes of those posts by other members. If you are concerned about information in one of your previous posts (e.g., it contains too much personal information), you can edit the body of the post yourself. Post/thread titles are permanent in some forums and cannot be edited. You also cannot delete threads which you have started. We will not delete your posts or gallery photos for you and strongly discourage you from editing or deleting large numbers of previous posts, since that may leave thread discussions "broken" or confusing to those who read them in the future.

    Canceling an account is permanent. Be sure to edit any posts you want to edit and delete any gallery photos you want to delete before canceling your account. Once your account has been canceled, your posts will all be labeled "Guest" under your username (which will remain unchanged - we will not change usernames for canceled accounts). You will no longer be able to edit them, and we will not do it for you.

    Adapted from the FAQ

  4. Default

    I forgot my forum user name or password

    If you know the email address you registered with and can still receive email at that address, go to the Lost Password Recovery Form and fill in that email address. You will be sent your user name and instructions for resetting your password. If you are sure of your email address but get "The email address you entered is not in our database" it means there is no account with that email address. Either you used a different email address for your Mu-43 account or you have us confused with another photography-related forum site.

    After you reset your password, you can use the Edit Email & Password page to change your password to one you can remember. You can change your account's email address there as well.

    If you have forgotten your password and either forgotten your registration email address or can no longer receive email at that email address, contact us for assistance. Tell us your forum user name, current email address, and any other information you remember about your Mu-43 account so we can look up your account.

    Adapted from the FAQ


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