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    Default How to turn off in-lens stabilisation on EP3 for Panny lens

    How do you turn off in-lens stabilisation when using a Panasonic 20mm lens on the EP3?

    David basky suggests that you do this in his article: USER REPORT: The Panasonic GX1: All the camera you will ever need? By David Babsky | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS

    Thank you

    "Out in the garden in fading light, here are some shots at 3200 ISO with the GX1, and then the Olympus E-PL1, with the Panasonic 100-300mm stabilised zoom (with in-lens-stabilisation turned OFF when used on the Olympus!) to see [a] how in-lens and in-camera stabilisation compare, [b] to see how the GX1 16mp and E-PL1 12mp sensors compare at 3200 ISO ..all pics are RAW, at 1/60th sec. 1st the Panny, then the Oly.

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    The 20mm f/1.7 has no IS.

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    Aha- thank you!


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