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    Default What was YOUR camera of the YEAR?

    Let's hear it! The only rule is that it needs to have been announced and released (available for purchase) in 2011.


    And then click and tell us what your lens of the year is!
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    I'd say Sony Nex-7, but then not sure if it's available. So, I'd have to choose the GX-1.

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    Fujifilm X100.

    Okay, so I don't even own one, but it was the camera release that got me excited to take the next step after using a LX3 for a couple years. I researched and actually had a X100 in hand for a day, but then decided to return it and buy an E-P2 instead (and then purchased the E-P3 when it was available).

    It turned out that it wasn't the camera for me, but I still think the X100 is cool and was, again for me, the most exciting camera release of 2011.
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    Fuji X100, I never leave home with out it.

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    NEX5n or GX1. NEX for being a sleeper upgrade to the NEX5. GX1 for panasonic listening to its customers (tho, I think it's pricing itself a bit high).

    NEX7 an honorable mention for the controls and supposedly amazing EVF. It's price and shoving of the high MP senor knocks it for me.

    Nikon 1 series gets an honorable mention to for really surprising me in IQ, in particular high ISO. The AF is also quite nice. Price and small lens selection are its downfall for now.

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    In automobiles the car of the year doesn't have to be the fastest, biggest or BEST of anything but can instead represent a truly fresh approach to the automotive that spirit I'd say the Olympus E-PM1 would be my camera of the year in that it represents an affordable camera that is friendly to point and shoot users, has enough manual control to satisfy enthusiasts and packs remarkable utility into a very VERY small package.

    ...and I don't even have one but I think it deserves consideration.

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    X100 by far. I didn't buy it, because I don't shoot 35mm FOV, but that has to be the camera of the year.

    EP3 is second.

    EPM1 is my PERSONAL camera of the year though, so I'd agree with Kevin on that one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WT21 View Post
    X100 by far. I didn't buy it, because I don't shoot 35mm FOV, but that has to be the camera of the year.

    EP3 is second.
    Those would be my picks! I also didn't buy the X100, but only because I bought an E-P3 for the added versatility of interchangeable lenses. And just for the record, I still think about the X100 from time to time. There, I said it!

    If Fuji ever bring out an improved X200, I don't think I will be able to resist.
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    Wasn't the X100 released '10?

    Anyway, for me there's nothing... Lots of interesting evolutions (EP3, GX1, G3, NEX7 and 5n, A77) but nothing mind-blowing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickthetasmaniac View Post
    Wasn't the X100 released '10?
    It was showcased/announced in 2010 but released in Feb 2011

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