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  1. Default Mics for Olympus PEN camers

    Hi all. New to the forum. I'm a travel photographer/writer who has migrated from a Nikon D700 to two PENs. I'm also exploring videos with the pens and recently did a test of 3 mics. Thought might be interested. Check it out here:

    Video Review: Mic Check (SEMA-1, Audio Technica Lavalier, Senn MKE 400) | The Path Less Pedaled

    The Path Less Pedaled

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    I thought the SEMA-1 sounded the best, with the Senn a close second.

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    For me I like the Senn followed by the lav. Senn seems to have a good balanced neutral sound. The lav has a warm rich feeling but can get to bassy and doesn't sound as crisp. The SEMA sounds a little thinner than I like, but will work for ambient sound capture.


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    Welcome to the forum. Great blog! Looking forward to photos and video! The lighter side of capturing light


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