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    Default How about in camera graduated ND filter?

    I see some cameras here and there with a built-in ND filter. That's great! But, I'd love to see a built-in ND graduated filter, where maybe you could move the horizon line around.

    Doing some shots with my hand-held Cokin filter, and it just occured to me that this would be a nice thing to have (more than, say, Pop-Art filter, etc.)

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    I like the idea but at the same time, I don't think those built in ones are graduated so you can't exactly move them around the horizon line. At first I thought it was a good idea but maybe its best to keep them as screw on or handhelds. IMO opinion, there are not many times that I would like a nongraduated version of an ND to shoot with.
    Stuck on what to upgrade to.. EP5 most probable. Wondering if the EP6 will feature PDAF for C-AF and 24p video.. Hmmmm.... relooking at a DP2m as a 2nd body or DP1 for wide angle as I don't think m43s has a good lens below 20mm..


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