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Olympus OM-D E-M10

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Vivitar/Tokina 200mm

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Olympus M. Zuiko Dig

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Panasonic LUMIX G VA

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Panasonic LUMIX G 20

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Well, mes amis, I have found a review of the Oly EM 10 for travel that I find convincing. Take a...
by crossen
OMD-E-M10-blk-body.png I bought that lens when I have read many positive reviews. I shoot photos and videos but the reviews...
by Vesku
This is a very underrated lens and performs very well in good lighting conditions. It is sharp at 12...
by h2odogizzy
835398.jpg Frankly, I'm very disappointed with GX7. Coming from LC1, TS4, LX7, G2, G3, G5 and GX1, I did not ex...
by akozlov
I believe the OMD-EM1 will be a landmark which will be remembered as the entrance of the M43 format ...
by Peejay
Olympus_E-M1_1003633.jpg This lens is not to be used for far away things. Atmospheric haze plus the lower contrast/sharpness ...
by HarryS
This lens to me is also one of the Rodney Dangerfield lenses of this system. It is very light so han...
by kawhona
olympus-60mm.jpg This lens and the Oly 60mm are the two forgotten lenses of the m 4/3 system and it is unfortunate be...
by kawhona
When I need the sharpest shot in my m4/3 kit this is the lens I go to. The focal length makes findin...
by kawhona
867365.jpg I traded in some of my unused film gear for this lens and the 12-35/2.8 which I haven't used yet. Th...
by biomed
I love this lens, it works well as a small tele, it is small enough to hand held photo and to transp...
by malmeida14
lens1.jpg Fantastic lens, well made with wonderful image quality. I score the 45/1.8 a point higher because t...
by rfortson
This is a fantastic lens and probably the best lens I've owned (and I've owned Pentax limited lenses...
by rfortson
ET-M4518-408x400.jpg This is the camera that made me ditch APC-C after 7 years. Image quality is on par with the best AP...
by rfortson
Bought this refurbished to compliment my E-M5. I like the Pen form factor for compact shape (the E-...
by rfortson
Olympus_E-P5_971399.jpg I bought this lens in a TX-mount in 1972. It's a big lens, a little over 7 inches long and takes 67...
by HarryS
Panasonic really nailed this camera, while there are a few things I wish they did better, I'm defini...
by val
Panasonic_Lumix_DMC-GX7_997465.jpg I little late to the party but i'm just so impressed i had to do this review. Considering i switched...
by Ramsey
This is a rather good kit lens that came with my E-PL1 camera. The wide 14mm is good at 3.5, gettin...
by bikerhiker
1442.jpg I have been taking photos since the old Pentax K1000, Nikon FE2 and the Canon AE-1 Program and I lov...
by bikerhiker
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